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Smith talks about being gay News anchor Shepard Smith talks about being a gay journalist for a conservative news outlet during a discussion at the University of Mississippi on April 21. News anchor Shepard Smith talks about being a gay journalist for a conservative news outlet during a discussion at the Univ. Of Mississippi on […]Read More

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We admit that trying to do good for the people in your life in a world that relies so heavily on stereotypes is not easy. So we will probably make a bunch of mistakes. Even if you are deep in activism and have read all the books and worn all the t shirts, there is […]Read More

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Social media is an incredibly powerful tool real dolls, personally and professionally. It has its time and place, and for someone fairly addicted to the rush of feedback I get from sharing news about myself online real dolls, it’s often hard to separate my social media from my self. Ultimately, though, I don’t only want […]Read More

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